Private Labels Production

Twice a year we develop our seasonal collection. We also efficiently meet the special needs of our customers, who are welcome to use their own labels and designs (PRIVATE LABEL).
We would be pleased to send you a more detailed information on the company and produce, as well as our samples and prices at request.

Sample production conditions –
 Send us your logo or image (*.jpg,*. pdf or *. bmp) with your preferred colors using our color map  to e-mail: If you need any colors that are not in our color map, you need to supply us with the raw materials. Within two weeks we will send you the models made by our designers. We can start making the samples as soon as you choose a model and place an order.

The price per sample is determined by the fee for the programming/design :for socks - 45 EUR,for tights- 60 EUR plus the price of the sample itself (approximate price of the product X 2) If you subsequently order products with a similar design, the design fee is not charged.
If you want to order socks with a similar design, but in a different color scheme, an additional amount of 5.00 EUR is added, as separate reprogramming of knitting machines is required.
When ordering, be sure to specify the dimensions and the required quantity of the goods.